WooCommerce restrict shipping method as per category

This video is created for one of my client. It demonstrates how we can hide extra shipping methods if product is in particular category.



7 thoughts on “WooCommerce restrict shipping method as per category

  1. Hi

    I saw your video on YouTube for this, but the code can no longer be found. Is it possible to get the code from you please that will work with WooCommerce 2.4.7 using MyStile.

    Many thanks


  2. Will this code work for other themes using woocommerce? Or only mystile?

  3. Hello,

    Where do you get ‘Local Delivery (Free)’ and ‘Local Pickup (Free)’ keys? In your code you have ‘local_delivery’ and ‘local_pickup’. Seems I can’t find, where do you get those delivery keys.

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