WooCommerce How to Disable all Payment Gateways?

Many woocommerce stores do not take payments online or here are some woocommerce stores which provide free products, Free Membership, Free Digital Goods etc. such stores do not need payment gateways.

In this video tutorial we can see how a single line of code specifically a filter can help us to disable all payment gateways.


Here is code snippet to add in you child theme’s functions.php file


Woo Commerce One Product only, Skip the cart page

Sometime there is situation where custom sells only One product. At that time they do not require cart page before checkout. So taking them to checkout page is the right thing this will make purchase process shorter.

below code snippet clears the cart, adds the product to it and then redirects to the checkout page.

What this script does is:
1. Check that it’s a click on one of the ‘buy’ links.
2. Get the ID of the product we’re adding to the cart. This ID comes from the ‘buy’ link.
3. Empty the cart, in case a different product was selected before.
4. Add the new product to the cart.
5. Redirect to the checkout page (skipping the cart page).

woocommerce : How to hide or disable payment gateway

Allow HTMLtags in post category, tag or taxonomy Description

WooCommerce restrict shipping method as per category

This video is created for one of my client. It demonstrates how we can hide extra shipping methods if product is in particular category.



wordpress 3.9 and repeatable tinymce editor problem solved.

If you are trying to add repeatable tiny mce in your metabox then here is solution http://www.kathyisawesome.com/426/multiple-wordpress-wysiwyg-visual-editors/.

You have to use Wpalchemy class.

Now the second part is that It will not work with wordpress 3.9(next stable version going to release in April).


Because they use new version of tinymce 4.x.

Don’t bother we have solution 🙂

Here is plugin http://wp-lovers.com/wpquestions/testplugin-new.zip

This test plugin have both javascript and it work in old and new versions of wordpress.
It may contain some unnecessary code you have to remove it :p

Now I afraid that this change in WordPress editor is going to break many plugins which use buttons to add shortcodes!!